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Coup de Foudre

A friend recently admitted to me that she had met the love of her life at the age of fifty. Married, widowed and the mother of three children--she had only just had the wind knocked from her at middle age. Her coup de foudre.
This admission caused my heart to smile as I realized that there is always that glimmer of hope. Middle age can be a grim place. Anything past 60 can be down- right moribund for many.  Women tend to give up on men at that fork in the road of life. A multitude of disappointments, losses and lies help carve the path to that moment for men as well as women. A certain youthful guile gives surrender far too easily to resentment and bitterness where the scope of love is concerned.
There is no longer a youth dew beading on the forehead of love or lust.
Not me. Give me love and lust and all of it's foolish electrifying folly until the day I can no longer breathe a breath.
Love at first sight can happen at any time----even multiple times if you've got the heart f…

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