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Poison Fruit

I think we have to do forbidden things or else we suffocate. ~ Clarice Lispector

Newspaper clippings of articles he had written lined the walls of the hallway to his exam rooms. Clearly, he enjoyed a margin of success earlier in his career she thought to herself. An MBA in Lit. from Boston College. Impressive.A doctorate in Dentistry from Penn State. She laughed to herself “ a modern-day McTeague”.It had been a week since the doctor had hired her. She was surprised she’d gotten hired at all considering the interview process was uncomfortable and tedious—-and nearly surreal. She hadn’t wanted the job to begin with but during a routine visit, the dentist offered her a secretarial position for his newest office a few towns away. The inflated salary was tempting enough to agree to an interview.The dentist as she was to find much later, was a bit of a known playboy. This amused her as she really thought him on first appearance rather revolting with his large ungraceful way of carrying hims…

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